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Corona measures in the French ski resorts

  • Published on 6 November, 2021

The protocol that will be maintained in France for the upcoming winter season is not yet known. From a speech by French Prime Minister Castex on November 6, it appears that:

Face masks will be mandatory in the ski lifts during winter sports in the upcoming winter season (both in the queue and in the lift itself).

Face masks are also mandatory in shops and public transport.

The Coronapass (QR code) is not yet mandatory at the ski lifts, but this can be changed.

The Coronapass (QR code) is mandatory in all catering establishments, hotels and other accommodations.

The above measures can still be changed.

Romex: Newest project

The latest project Residenz Illyrica Tyrol from Romex is located in the center of Westendorf with a beautiful view of the Kitzbühel Alps and the village all around. The location is only 300 meters from the first lifts.