Ski&More every sunday at 5:00 PM at RTL 4

  • Published on 9 January, 2021

Every Sunday the winter sports program Ski & More can be seen on RTL 4 at 5:00 PM!

Sander Janson and Annika Pietersma take you in Ski & More to 8 popular ski areas in search of the most beautiful & spectacular descents & views, to safe, child-friendly slopes and to special activities that you must see or do in that region. They all do this from the beautiful Romex accommodations!

Together with Annika Pietersma, Sander Janson visits the nicest, largest winter sports areas in the Alps. They discover where you should have been as a skier and what else you should have seen or done in a particular ski area. They place the Ski & More markers in special places, so that people at home can easily find them.

As a viewer you will be treated to breathtaking views and beautiful descents. And there are no previously discovered gems around the mountains, so that the culture and environment are really discovered.

The last episode is a “special” episode. This episode will air in two parts on January 31 and February 7. The episode will air again in its entirety on May 22. In this episode Sander Janson goes to Austria in the summer. He visits Paul de Römph, the owner of Romex. Together they experience a number of fun activities and Paul tells more about his family and life as a project developer.

Romex has drawn up a giveaway based on every episode at Ski & More! Every week we tell you what you need to do to be in with a chance to win one of our fantastic prizes. Do you also want to participate in the giveaway? Then go to our Romex Restate website. Below is an overview of the Ski & More broadcasts:

  • Saturday 9 January 4:00 PM: episode 1Saturday 16 January 4:00 PM: episode 2Saturday 23 January 4:00 PM: episode 3———————————————————

    Sunday 3 January 3:30 PM: episode 4

    Sunday 10 January 3:30 PM: episode 5

    Sunday 17 January 3:30 PM: episode 6

    Sunday 24 January 3:30 PM: episode 7

    Sunday 30 January 3:30 PM: episode 8

    Sunday 7 February 1:30 PM: episode 1

    Sunday 14 February 1:30 PM: episode 2

    Sunday 21 February 1:30 PM: episode 3

    Sunday 28 February 1:30 PM: episode 4

    Sunday 7 March 1:30 PM: episode 5

    Sunday 14 March 1:30 PM: episode 6

    Sunday 21 March 1:30 PM: episode 7

    Sunday 28 March 1:30 PM: episode 8

Romex: Newest project

The latest project Residenz Illyrica Tyrol from Romex is located in the center of Westendorf with a beautiful view of the Kitzbühel Alps and the village all around. The location is only 300 meters from the first lifts.