Update from Romex regarding the Corona virus

  • Published on 19 April, 2020

In recent weeks, reports of the Coronavirus will not have escaped anyone’s notice.

For now, the following points have been announced by the Austrian government. When conditions deteriorate, everything can be different the next day. A number of areas, such as Solden, will remain in quarantine for now until the end of April.

  • From April 14, small shops (of 400 squared meters) will be open again, including hardware stores and garden centers.
  • Takeaway meals are available from April 14.
  • Construction will resume from 14 April.
  • From April 14, trains will start running more regularly.
  • From May 1, all other shops will open, including hairdressers (however, this will only be decided at the end of April).
  • At the earliest, gastronomy and hotels will slowly reopen in mid-May. (however, this will be reconsidered at the end of April).
  • All primary schools are closed until mid-May.
  • High schools and universities continue to follow online classes throughout the semester, so the schools remain closed.
  • Events are excluded until the end of June.

Everything will be evaluated at the end of April. If things go worse, all freedoms can be abolished immediately.
All borders will remain closed for the time being. No date is known about this when they will open again.

This also means for Romex that all accommodations must remain closed. For now, this date is April 30. We are also in close contact with the Austrian and French authorities and whether this period will be extended.
For now, people CANNOT stay in any Romex accommodation. However, people CAN book a holiday for a later period.

We will keep you regularly informed about developments taking place in Austria and France.
If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us by email: info@romex-restate.nl.

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