Current status of the construction of Residenz Illyrica Tirol

  • Published on 11 January, 2021

Last Monday, January 11, our construction company, called Egger Bau, started building Residenz Illyrica Tirol again.

At the moment we are still well on schedule. The shell of building A is as good (the right building in the video) as finished and at building B (left building in the video) the construction company will continue to work on the shell this week. Some time ago only building A stood here. Now there is also building B, which means that the project is complete.

Egger Bau will this week continue with the interior and the finishing at building A. This phase means that the tiles are installed, the bathrooms are finished and the paintwork is done.

The video and photos below show the current status of the construction of Residenz Illyrica Tirol in Westendorf.

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The latest project Residenz Illyrica Tyrol from Romex is located in the center of Westendorf with a beautiful view of the Kitzbühel Alps and the village all around. The location is only 300 meters from the first lifts. Are you interested in an apartment of the latest project Residenz Illyrica Tirol? Request the brochure now.

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