Current status of the construction of Residenz Illyrica Tirol

  • Published on 10 September, 2021

A lot of work has been done in the past period:

Building A:

  •  The kitchens are fully finished.
  •  Bathroom furniture and accessories have been installed.
  •  Curtains are hanging and blinds are placed.
  •  TVs are hung in the living rooms and bedrooms.
  •  Goossens has delivered the first delivery in terms of furniture.

Building B:

  •  The floors have been laid.
  •  Wooden ceilings and walls have been placed.
  •  Bathroom furniture and accessories have been installed.


  •  The logos of both Residenz Illyrica and Glennie’s have been placed.
  •  General saunas are ready.
  •  Paving is fully completed.

The following are planned for the coming week(s):

  •  In building A, Goossens will start furnishing the first apartments. The delivery of the furniture for building B will also arrive.
  •  The fountain that will be placed in front of the complex will be placed.
  •  Parking garage is being finished.
  •  A start will be made on the furnishing of the Glennie’s Restaurant.

As you can see in the videos and photos below, the end of the construction of our beautiful new complex Residenz Illyrica Tirol is almost in sight!


Romex: Newest project

The latest project Residenz Illyrica Tyrol from Romex is located in the center of Westendorf with a beautiful view of the Kitzbühel Alps and the village all around. The location is only 300 meters from the first lifts.