Romex Investment Fund

With the Romex Investment Fund, you can safely invest in high-quality international vacation homes in prime locations. Your investment is managed by Romex Investments, a renowned Dutch family business known as the leading project developer in the Alpine countries.

Key benefits of the Romex Investment Fund include:

  • Quarterly interest payments (in arrears).
  • Possibility of participation from €125,000.
  • Minimum term of 24 months.
  • Tradable nature of your investment.
  • Participating investors receive priority in real estate purchases.
  • Investment in a solid Dutch family business.

Our locations

Due to the tremendous success of our Investment Fund in Austria, where we completed the fund within 3 to 4 months and raised a total amount of €5 million, we are expanding our investment fund to other countries. The Romex Investment Fund is now available in the following countries:

  • Austria (full)
  • Spain


For each project, we make available a certain number of participation certificates, each with a nominal value of €1,000. The number of exempt participation certificates depends on the invested capital in the project.

To participate in the projects, we expect you to purchase a minimum of 125 participation certificates, equivalent to an investment of €125,000. You also have the option to double the investment amount to, for example, €250,000 or €500,000.

Annually, you will receive an interest payment based on the invested capital in the project.

Limited Partnership

With our investment fund, you participate in a limited partnership (LP). The fact that the LP is closed means that consent from the other partners is required for joining and leaving the LP.

As a limited partner in the LP, you bear liability only for any losses up to the amount of your investment. The general partner, Romex Project B.V., is jointly liable for the loss.

Notarial supervision

An (international) independent accounting firm is appointed to oversee the auditing of the annual financial statements of the LP and the project. The participants of the project are placed under the supervision of a notary from the country where the project and real estate are located.

About Romex Investments

Romex Investments has been developing, selling, and renting vacation homes for over 15 years. We have more than 215 properties. In total, we have 7 accommodations in Austria and 2 accommodations in France, along with a hotel, spread across Austria and France with over 1,000 sleeping places. What sets Romex apart is that we are a family business that combines professionalism and expertise. We place great value on trust and collaboration. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are fully committed to realizing projects of excellent quality. We have ambitious plans for the future and aim to expand our activities and increase our market share.

Safe investing with Romex Investments?

With the Romex Investment Fund, you can invest safely in vacation homes and benefit from attractive returns, experience, and reliability. For more information, request our brochure. If you have any questions or would like to express your interest, please contact us at 079 362 5822 or email us at We are ready to answer your questions and assist you in achieving your investment goals.

PLEASE NOTE! You are investing outside AFM supervision. There is no licensing requirement for this activity.

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