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Familybusiness Romex Investments

Romex Investments is a close-knit family business that has been developing, selling and renting real estate in the top segment of international holiday properties located at unique locations for more than 15 years.

ROMEX stands for founder and owner Paul de Römph (ROM) and Exclusive (EX) Investments. Paul is the driving force behind Romex’s success.

In the background, Paul has the help of a financially strong co-shareholder, who is not actively involved in the company.

With more than 25 years of experience and expertise in financial and management positions at international companies (such as: Ikea, BAAN Company and Ferring Pharmaceuticals), Paul decided in 2007 to resign his position as CFO of a pharmaceutical group and to continue as an independent project developer. to go. Paul has started to focus on developing real estate projects in the Alpine countries, especially in the second housing market.

Paul’s extensive experience has enabled him to grow Romex into a renowned and respected company that has completed numerous successful projects over the years. Over the past decade, Romex has developed nearly 10 real estate projects in the Austrian and French Alps.

Paul founded Glennie’s Investments in 2016, which focuses on the future restaurant chain Glennie’s Restaurants. This company is special because it was founded for Paul’s son Glenn, who has Down syndrome. The first Glennie’s Restaurant opened in 2016 in the Wildschönau in Tyrol, Austria and the second restaurant will open in December 2021 in Westendorf, Austria. Paul has plans to expand with more Glennie’s Restaurants in Austria and the Netherlands.

As Romex developed and grew, so did Paul’s involvement with his family. Mark (son of Paul) has been working in the company since Romex was founded and is responsible for Romex’s rental organization, called Romex Restate. Mark is supported by Nigel (Paul’s nephew) who has also been working at Romex for over 7 years. Paul’s daughter, Ashley, has also been working in the company for 5 years and is responsible for marketing. Lindsay, Paul’s youngest daughter, has started her graduation internship at Romex. With Paul at the helm and his family members by his side, Romex is well positioned for continued success in the years to come.

Romex is a family business that combines professionalism and expertise with a strong sense of family values. This family dynamic is reflected in the way Romex operates, with a strong emphasis on trust and collaboration. Despite its family roots, Romex is a very professional and efficient organisation. The team consists of skilled and experienced individuals who are committed to delivering high quality projects. Romex is passionate about developing high-quality real estate projects that offer safe and good investment opportunities. Their dedication to creating top-of-the-line luxury vacation rentals, as well as their commitment to providing outstanding service and guidance to clients, makes Romex a unique and renowned company in the real estate industry.

One of Romex’s main strengths is their ability to identify and respond to emerging trends and opportunities in the real estate market. They have in-depth knowledge of the local markets in Austria and Spain, enabling them to create homes that are not only luxurious and functional, but also meet the needs and desires of their target audience.

Romex also considers it important to offer excellent process support to clients, both abroad and in the Netherlands. Romex therefore does the sales support in-house, without the intervention of external brokers. Every (potential) investor is assigned a fixed point of contact, who is responsible for answering questions and making agreements. This contact also manages all communication related to the client and the project. Moreover, you always come into direct contact with the owner of Romex Investments, Paul de Römph.

At Romex Investments, we offer our clients access to a network of legal, tax and financial specialists and provide exceptional procedural guidance at home and abroad. We also have strong relationships with local mortgage lenders. Our philosophy is that investing in recreational real estate should be both a safe and profitable investment, as well as providing enjoyment for the owner.

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