Romex expands to Spain

Romex Investments has been in existence for over 15 years. The company has built a strong reputation as the leading project developer in the Alpine countries (Austria and France). Romex aims to expand its business and broaden its market. The company plans to achieve this by, among other things, developing projects in truly summer-oriented locations.

For this brand-new project, Romex has set up an Investment Fund to attract capital for the purchase of land in Spain and the necessary working capital.

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About the project

The project involves the purchase of a plot of approximately 5,500 m2 in the vibrant seaside town of Villajoyosa, an old fishing village in Spain. This plot is located just 20 meters from the beach and the azure blue sea.

The plot is intended for tourist purposes and offers the opportunity for the development of a luxurious 4-star Plus apartment hotel, consisting of approximately 40 apartments, underground parking garage, wellness facilities with swimming pools, and a fitness center. The location is a bustling seaside town between the well-known cities of Alicante and Benidorm and is only a 40-minute drive from Alicante airport. Additionally, the nearby area offers a wealth of other attractive seaside resorts, such as Albir, Altea, Denea, and Moreira.

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Investment Fund Spain

For the financing of this project, Romex has established an investment fund. A maximum of 7,500 participation certificates will be made available, each with a value of €1,000. To participate in this project, we require that you purchase a minimum of 125 participation certificates, which corresponds to an initial investment of €125,000. It is possible to double your initial investment amount to, for example, €250,000 or €500,000.

The investment term is 36 months (3 years). Each year, you will receive an interest payment of 6.8% per year on the invested capital.


The purchase of this unique piece of land requires an investment of €6.5 million, excluding VAT. Additionally, the initial project costs, totaling approximately €1 million, include architectural design costs, permit fees, geological and soil surveys, as well as expenses for marketing, sales, and other startup costs.

The financing we are seeking will be used for the purchase of the land and the initial costs and will serve as equity and working capital for the project, totaling €7.5 million.

Limited Partnership

With the Romex Investment Fund Spain, you participate in a limited partnership (LP). Within the LP, you are a limited partner, thus you are only liable for any losses up to the amount of your investment.

Notarial Supervision

For the auditing of the financial statements, a Spanish notary will oversee the participations, as the project and the associated real estate are located in Spain. Your participation will only be used for the purpose for which the LP was established.


With the consent of all partners, it is possible to trade your share. If no buyer is found, the general partner has the right to purchase this share annually or offer it to other partners, with a maximum amount of €500,000 per year.

ESG Policy

The ESG policy entails considering environmental, social, and governance factors in the selection and management of investments in companies. For the Romex Investment Fund, the following applies:

  • In investment management, Romex does not prioritize sustainability issues. Events or circumstances related to environmental, social, and governance factors that could potentially have a significant negative impact on the value of investments are not taken into account.
  • Furthermore, Romex does not assess the expected effects of sustainability risks on the returns of underlying investments.
  • In Romex’s compensation policy, sustainability risks do not play a decisive role. This stems from the position that few to no significant sustainability risks are recognized in relation to the investments.
  • Romex does not consider ESG aspects in the management of investments. This is based on the belief that investments have little to no noticeable impact on factors related to ESG.

Tax Implications

Investing in an LP also entails some tax consequences. For this, we refer you initially to your own tax advisor. If desired, Romex Project B.V. can support you in this matter. Our tax advisors are ready to provide you with detailed advice.

Invest safely with our investment fund

By investing in the Romex Investment Fund Spain, you not only benefit from attractive returns but also from the experience and reliability associated with an established family business. For more information, request our prospectus.

Contact us at 079 362 5822 or email us at with any questions or to express your interest. We are ready to answer all your questions and assist you further in achieving your investment goals.

PLEASE NOTE! You are investing outside AFM supervision. There is no licensing requirement for this activity.

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