The owner

ROMEX stands for founder and owner Paul de Römph (ROM) and Exclusive (EX) Investments. The company has been in existence for almost 15 years and has expanded into a close-knit family business.

In the background, Paul has the help of a financially powerful co-shareholder, who does not, however, actively work in the company.

Paul is 62 years old and lives with his family in the west of the country. After studying economics at the HES in Rotterdam, Paul subsequently gained a lot of expertise and experience in financial and management positions at various large international companies such as Ikea, BAAN Company and Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

In 2007 he decided to leave his position as CFO of a pharmaceutical group and to continue as an independent project developer. He then founded Romex Investments, a real estate company that focuses on the second housing market in the Alpine countries. Over the past decade, nearly 10 real estate projects have been developed in the Austrian and French Alps.

In 2016 he founded the company Glennie’s Investments, especially for his son Glenn (28 years old), who has Down Syndrome. This is the Holding of the future restaurant chain Glennie’s Restaurants.

At the end of 2016, the first Glennie’s Restaurant opened in the Wildschönau in Tyrol, Austria. The second Glennie’s Restaurant in Westendorf was opened mid December 2021. There are also plans for even more Glennie’s Restaurants in Austria and the Netherlands in the near future.

Romex: Newest project

The latest project Residenz Illyrica Tyrol from Romex is located in the center of Westendorf with a beautiful view of the Kitzbühel Alps and the village all around. The location is only 300 meters from the first lifts.